Hi, I'm Winnie Abodo Alinga and crafting human experiences is what I do for a living in the beautiful city of Montreal Quebec.

My approach to product design is about centering the experience around the humanity of the people using digital products, an approach she embraced while working with prominent Montreal-based startups such as Busbud and LANDR Audio, as well as her own projects. 

Known to be a design philosopher and an involved member of the city's vibrant design community, Winnie is passionate about the joy that can be found in solving problems through good design and creative thinking. After gratuating from Université de Montréal in the Creativity and Innovation program, her focus started shifting towards sharing the knowledge behind the creative process of design, in order to build better products, better teams and a better life. 


I believe in working smarter, not harder

I see Product Design as a pathway to easier living that applies equally to personal life than it does to professional settings. I strongly believe that beyond the visual output, like a well choreographed dance between product, engineering and UX, design is all about processes. The processes of solving problems by working smarter.


Be a detective

Asking the right questions can only help define clearly the right problem to solve. Gathering data, getting user insights can only strengthen the basis on which UX solutions will be built.

Foster a creative environment

Soft skills like empathy, openness, curiosity and the capacity to withold jugement are at the center of my practice. Those core are essential to both inquiry and collaboration.

Nurture alignment

Alignment within the product team is foundational to the level of collaboration necessary to build well rounded products. 


My skills

1. Highly strategic and outcomes driven - Always referring to the company’s North star and business/product outcomes.

2. Creative but also analytical.
3. Savvy with business and marketing strategies.

4. Structured and methodological with the way they strategise, design and lead design initiatives.


In my free time...

I am a singer and a proud member of the Montreal Gospel Choir. Music is my passion and I am always excited to discover new bands, go to live music events and jam around with my friends.




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